Noemi Nuti

Brighten Up Your Life

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Noemi is a multi-talented artist and harpist who is perfect for any situation. Whether for a wedding, a lovely champagne reception or a private event, Noemi brings an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere whilst remaining current to the times.

She read music at Brunel University where she graduated as a first study harpist. She has also won the Bromley Harp competition in May 2008.

Noemi graduated with a Masters from Trinity College of Music as a jazz singer which has allowed her to develop her music further and offer a wide range of musical styles when performing.

She plays repertoire from many genres including Classical, Irish and Scottish Folk, Pop and Soul. Her unique ability to accompany herself singing on the instrument has distinguished her from other harpist allowing her to bring joy and elegance to any event.

Noemi also plays traditional Paraguayan folk harp and can also adapt many songs from the Irish and Scottish repertoire providing a new and interesting sound to well known classics.