Noemi Nuti

Brighten Up Your Life

the noemi nuti band

Noemi Nuti Band is a jazz and Brazilian influenced quintet led by vocalist Noemi Nuti. They create natural and honest music that speaks for itself whilst creating a genuine connection with the listener who is taken into various musical spaces.

The music features mostly original songs inspired by folk songwriting and Latin American rhythms, as well as interesting arrangements of Brazilian standards.

In March 2015 they released their debut album, ‘Nice to Meet You’, on the Ubuntu Music label and have received wide acclaim through press as well as extensive radio play.

After a sell-out launch show at London’s Pizza Express Jazz Club, the Noemi Nuti Band has toured extensively throughout the UK in 2015-2016, headlining many shows including the Ipswich Jazz Festival and City of London Festival.

The band consists of a number of exceptionally gifted musicians including Quentin Collins on trumpet, Chris Eldred on piano, Tim Thornton on bass and Emiliano Caroselli on drums.

The music created by the combination of these great musicians is thoroughly enjoyable and enriches the ever-developing UK jazz scene.